Golf polos and the golf course

Polo shirts belong to the golf course like trench coats belong to London. Golf Polos fit perfectly with the exclusivity and high quality of golf as can be seen at numerous tournaments and in the semi-professional environment. can be clearly seen.

Hardly any golf clothing top is bought and used more often than this one. It is also little surprising, because the fine golf tops look sporty and elegant, can be combined well and kept in the appropriate quality them for a very long time. Depending on your mood and daily form, you can have more or less Open the buttons to supply the upper body with more or less air.

An ideal garment for those many pleasant hours on the golf course.

Golf polos are a must-have for every female golfer

The golf polo is one of the first tops that a new female golfer buys. Of course, the matching golf trousers are a must. not be missing. Over the years, the Golf Polo will of course be many more variations in the most beautiful colors and cuts will follow.

After all, a polo shirt is not just a polo shirt.

Design and golf polo shirts

The days when golf polo shirts only differed in the number of buttons are definitely over. At least this is shown by the collection of golf clothing manufacturer MDC, which has been successful for many years.

From sleeveless polos to cap sleeve polos, half-sleeve polos and 3/4-sleeve polos or even long-sleeve polos the range of golf polo shirts from MDC is very extensive. What all the models have in common is, depending on the cut, a smaller or larger collar, which is particularly suited to the fine style of polo shirts. emphasizes and defines.

When it comes to colors, the Golf Collection from MDC between subtle earth tones, high-quality navy tones but also such striking colors as flamingo and apricot. Golf polo shirts are characterized by their timeless style and can of course also be worn off the golf course. They symbolize the high standards of fashion and style. Charming with golf trousers or a golf skort, they complete the unique golf outfit of every lady Florida to Mallorca.

The right material is crucial for satisfaction with a golf polo

Of course golf polo shirts are equipped with functional features that especially in golf. From the tee to the 18th hole a game of golf can be a physically demanding, albeit wonderful, experience. relaxing trip. Imagine a sunny day with blue sky as all golfers would like to see it in their on the golf course all year round. You come from a Pitch and putt to the next one and get closer and closer to your big goal. In this You'll feel comfortable in your own skin for a moment because your MDC golf clothing won't let you down.

Yours The body tenses up, the mind concentrates and the tissue of your body Golf Polos let the air circulate on your skin. This high-quality Meryl material ensures that you are protected from the perspiration of your body do not notice anything. Fluid from the skin is transferred to the tissue and dries as quickly as possible. Sweat marks or You won't find sweat stains on MDC polo shirts.

A They will not immediately notice another crucial function, but it is these are very relevant for your health. As a golfer on the most beautiful golf courses in the world, you will always be pleased about the warm, soothing sun. But did you know that inferior golf clothing lets UV radiation through? The high-quality Meryl material shields you from UV radiation and thus ensures your health your skin.

How durable and highly developed a material can be seen when the new golf polo shirt is worn a few times. Washed several times. You can wash the MDC Golf Polos as often as you like and you will hardly see or feel any difference from the first day. The material will still hug your body beautifully and retain its enchanting color.

What does the golf polo have to do with golf dress etiquette

Golf is regarded as the supreme discipline of sports, as both physical and mental abilities are combined. The The dress code for golf is a high standard that every golfer from Monaco to Berlin. MDC supports this dress code with its fabulous and exclusive golf polos.

Of course The days of understated, boring colors are over and so the a stronger color can also be used from time to time. For the golf course, it is still the case that the aim is not to achieve as much Showing skin. Golf trousers are therefore still an essential piece, just as a golf polo is preferable to a simple T-shirt. Not to mention the differences in material quality that we have already pointed out.

With the MDC Golf Polo, the modern golfer of today can absolutely do nothing wrong. On the contrary, it is even better for a After-golf dinner at the club perfectly prepared.

Golf polos and sustainability

Special The golf club is less about big brand logos or flashy fashion. Understatement and exclusivity play a much greater role.

The The quality of a top from the luxury segment can certainly be compared with to recognize your friends and acquaintances at a glance. Often is it then an MDC Golf Polo or something else from the extensive range of MDC golf clothing.
MDC pursues with its collections a sustainable manufacturing approach that does not correspond to the norm even in the luxury segment, but rather exceeds.

All materials come from Europe, are produced in Portuguese manufacturing plants and come from the Portuguese from the German design pen. Every MDC Golf Polo is completely in Western Europe under fair working conditions and high quality standards. quality standards.

You can rely with a clear conscience on the golf course, indulge in relaxation and enjoy the good things in life. Enjoy the feeling of exclusivity on your skin.